Izmir Towel - Brown

Izmir Towel - Brown

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Our Izmir pestemal towel is the perfect bath towel. Our most luxurious towel, it’s woven herringbone stripe pattern comes in 4 colors with a crisp white background. Made of 100% long-staple Turkish Cotton, this towel is thin but extremely absorbent.

Product Information, Size, and Care 
  • Material: 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Overall Dimensions: 68" x 39"
  • Care Instructions: Wash in warm cycle, use only color safe bleach, tumble dry in low heat 

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Customer Reviews

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Great Towels

Izmir Towel - Brown: Love these towels! I’ve been using them for about 90 days and IMO they continue to get better as you use them. I’ve never had Turkish-style towels before and they took some getting use to, to be honest. The main difference between these and traditional bath towels is these are thinner (and larger in some cases). What I like about them is that they’re a great-size, luxe bath sheet—big enough to wrap up in as you get out of the shower. My fav feature of these Turkish towels (besides looks) is that they air dry incredibly fast—which prevents that musty smell that traditional towels develop after a use or two. I can go much longer between washes with these towels. Laundry Tip: I wash these towels separately and on a more gentle cycle and then a medium heat to dry. Not sure if that’s necessary, but it seems to work well. I also use a fav laundry detergent called Santal 33 by Le Labo because it makes the them smell great! I have the towels with the brown accent stripes and they coordinate nicely with pretty much everything in my bathroom. I’ve included a pic or two so you can see what they look like.

Grey Izmir Turkish Towels!

I purchased two sets of Izmir Towels couple of months ago and I loved them so much, this time I got them for my aunt as a Christmas gift. They are super soft, high quality cotton towels and really stylish at the same time! They sent their orders with elegant packaging so it makes the perfect gift. Thank you Lajevert for your interest in details and quality and also for the fast shipment process!

Life Upgrade

I first encountered a Turkish towel while staying at a friends house in Georgia. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after about the second use, I was sold. My wife and I have been using the Izmir style Pestemal towels ever since, about 6 months.
Excellent quality and feel - Very thin, yet soft and substantial.
Beautiful, yet simple design - I really like the color schemes and designs of the towels we purchased. You cant go wrong with the grey.
Dries very quickly - You can reuse these towels like 2 to 3 times longer than typical towels. They almost never develop that musty smell as thicker towels do.
Manufactured in Turkey - Im sick of buying cheap crap from China.
Thin - I think this is the main selling point for Turkish towels, but if you arent into thin towels, this style of towel may not be for you. That being said, you dont know what you are missing.
Fairly Expensive - Probably on the higher when compared to other Turkish towels I have experienced; however, understandable when considering the quality.

Great pool towels

Super absorbent and quick drying. They look great too!


I love these towels. I have bought for myself and also as a gift. I was impressed, as was the gift recipient. They are magic in how they dry so quickly and the quality is top notch. I have used these type of towels before, and am so happy to have my own at my home.

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